Former First Lady of Florida

Former First Lady of Florida, Carole Crist, is the founder and driving force behind CLC Global Advisors. In fact, it is Carole’s former role as the First Lady of Florida along with the influence of her father’s incredible business acumen that inspired her to devote her career to capital with a conscience.

The Former First Lady of Florida Was Born into Business

The daughter of the former president of the Franco-American Novelty Company, there is no question that Carole was born into business. She would later prove just how true this was as she temporarily took over the Franco-American Novelty Company following her father’s death, pursued her real estate licensure in both New York and Florida, served as the campaign manager and fundraising manager for her husband’s 2016 congressional campaign, and founded CLC Global Advisors!

Former First Lady of Florida

The Influence of the First Ladyship on Carole

One role that particularly influenced Carole’s future position as the founder of CLC Global was that of the First Lady of Florida. During her time as the First Lady of Florida, Carole was not only able to exercise her accounting and financial prowess as a fundraiser for her husband’s campaign for Congress, but she was also able to support and garner support for various charities and foundations. Among these are the Make a Wish Foundation, CASA St. Pete, the First Annual Heroes Ball, and the Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research.

The Drive Behind CLC Global Advisors

Throughout her various roles and entrepreneurial endeavors, Carole has been fortunate enough to build a vast global network of influential contacts. It is this network, her multiple successes in business, her insight into the world of finance and fundraising, and the former First Lady of Florida’s entrepreneurial drive that led to the development of CLC Global Advisors.

Carole Crist was in no doubt that her vast global reach could be used as a driving force for something good. Her exposure to so many areas of business led her to the concept of impact investing. What better way to tie together the desire to has a positive impact on society and the environment and aid influential investors than to facilitate relationships between those investors and innovative technology developers in need of funding? And so the former First Lady of Florida founded CLC Global Advisors.