Inspired by her term as First Lady of Florida and her 10 years in the world of public service along with her 25 years as an accomplished businesswoman, Carole Crist leads CLC Global Advisors, a company that aims to facilitate innovation and impact in the technology and real estate development sectors. On behalf of her clients, Carole offers specialized service with a highly-personalized approach to effective marketing, branding and consulting in order to help select companies and firms achieve their goals.

Leveraging Carole's vast global network, which she built over decades as an international entrepreneur in New York and Miami, CLC Global Advisors collaborates with unique companies, thought leaders, industry experts and innovators, coming together to make a difference through economic development. Members of Carole’s network share social impact values and they strive to improve the lives of all people around the world. CLC Global Advisors has a special focus on making the world a better place through community and social development, healthcare innovation and collaborating with organizations like the United Nations. SDGs and ESG-directed efforts are of particular importance to the mission of Carole’s firm, as well as philanthropic endeavors to fund cancer research and provide support to our veterans.


  • Innovative Technologies

  • Global Impact Businesses

  • Disruptive Fin-Tech

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Breakthrough Med-Tech

  • Family Offices

  • HNW Individuals

  • Real Estate Developers

  • National CPA Firms

  • Asset Management Funds

  • International Investment Banking Firms

  • Wealth Management Firms

  • Private Equity Groups

  • Hedge Funds

  • Venture Capital Firms